Friday, December 21, 2012

Love Is My Refuge

Arms enfold me, shutting out the cold
I lose myself in the safety of that embrace
It destroys the darkness of my doubts
The dangers of the world are held at bay
Because here, I am untouchable
Here, no harm will come to me
These arms hold me for an eternity
Protect me while I catch my breath
They tighten around me as I cry
With every pain-ridden sob, they pull me closer
Trying to erase the fear, the regrets, the brokenness of my spirit
But eventually the tears abate
Eventually, my breathing slows
I’m ready to look up, peek out of my refuge
Out at the world again
But the first thing I see is the face
The face belongs to the arms that have held me close so protectively
 The face is that of Love
And Love reaches up to wipe the last few tears that traced their way down my cheeks, beneath my tired eyes
And Love gently takes my hands and pulls me up, so that I’m standing again
But my pain has made me weak, and I threaten to crumble
So Love grips my trembling hand, and keeps me standing
And Love smiles, whispering to my heart, ‘Fear not'
Because Love promises to never let go of me
Love will be there even when I try to pull away
Love will still be there the next time I break
And then Love will be there to hold me again
Love will give me the strength to face the world once again
Love will never leave me or forsake me

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