Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Moments Worth Remembering...

Time is deceptive.
In all its length of passing, its dragging on and its illusion of infinity.
It seems to take so long to move forward.
The future seems to be so far away that it has become invisible to the eyes of our hoping hearts.
Time likes to make you think that the here and now will last forever.
That what is to come will come, but not before you've had to wait a lifetime for it.
But it's all a farce.
A charade.
We've made time into something it's not.
We've made it something we think we can control.
We hatch plans with a determined gleam in our eyes because we see the future as we think it ought to be.
We think we can plan ahead.
But then one day, we are ahead.
One day, today is actually yesterday.
And yesterday was really last year.
And time has gotten the better of us, with all our schemes and hopes for grandeur.
We look back on those days that seemed to never end, and we look through a window fogged with the passing of time.
The past is blurry.
The past feels surreal.
And we look back and wonder: was that really me? Was that really you? 
Did we really say and do and think and feel all those those words and actions and thoughts and feelings?
No, of course not.
We're too mature for all that.
Only we forget.
We forget what used to be.
Who we used to be.
Time changed us and pulled us along, and we didn't even realize it was moving forward.
Our plans are no longer the same.
Our dreams and hopes and even our fears have all shifted and changed shape.
And in the rush of today and the urgency of the present, we forget what used to be.
And we forget that someday, today will be just another yesterday.
But sometimes, you remember.
You pull that old t-shirt from the back of the drawer and remember what it was like to be fifteen again.
Or you find an old note in your madly-scribbled journal and you remember everything you were feeling when you were seventeen.
You remember how much of a dreamer you were.
You remember how simple life seemed to be.
And you remember the day that you realized how wrong you were about yourself. 
You remember the year that you started to understand what life is really like.
And the past is a blur, but some images stand out in sharp relief, cutting through the haze and resonating deep within your heart.
And though your heart may change, there are some moments it never forgets.
Time is made up of moments.
Some moments seem to last forever.
Some moments are over too fast.
And those moments that stand out in our minds, the memories of which can pierce our hearts and make them soar, are the moments that make the endless times worth wading through.
Those worthwhile moments pass quickly, so we should make as many of them as we can while we still have time.
Because we don't have as much time as we think we do.
Time is not something we can control.
We can't forget that today will soon be a yesterday. 
So what do we want the memory of today to be?
What moments are we making that will be worth remembering?