Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In spite of Fear...

It’s hard.
But that’s no reason to quit.
You’re afraid.
But you don’t become a quitter just because you’re afraid.
Fear is no reason to quit.
Fear is not honest.
Fear distorts reality.
Fear preys on weakness, makes it grow.
Fear only lives when doubt exists.
Fear turns doubt into despair.
Fear is deaf to hope.
Fear is blind to truth.
Fear does not admit the possibility of victory.
Fear foresees only failure.
Fear sees every reason to quit.
But Fear is a liar.
Fear sees only what it wishes to see.
Fear stifles the presence of Courage.
Fear takes the easy way out.
Fear is a coward, who does not want to fail.
And so Fear quits, so as to fail on its own terms.
Because Fear deceives itself, and does not see quitting as failing.
But in truth, quitting is the deepest form of failure.
Because quitting is failing even to try.
And in truth, failure is not to be feared.
It is better to fail than to quit.
Failure is a result of effort.
Effort takes Courage.
Courage tries in spite of Fear.
To quit is to deny yourself the chance to be brave.

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